Israel dedicated servers

  • Big storage

    Dedicated servers

    These dedicated servers have huge HDDs for large storage and are combined with fast performance through the use of SSDs

  • Unlimited bandwidth

    Dedicated servers

    These unmetered dedicated servers have the gigantic capacity to handle a lot of traffic without any bandwidth limitation

  • Ultimate performance

    Dedicated servers

    True powerhouses: dedicated servers packed with CPU power

Unlock your full potential
  • Fully configurable dedicated servers
  • Custom IaaS solutions with fixed monthly payments
  • 10 Tbit/s global network with only 45% utilization
  • Average response time of 7 minutes, 24/7/365
  • Own state-of-the-art data centers

About our services

  • Dedicated Servers

    Affordable dedicated servers in our own Dutch data centers. Dedicated servers from top brands, metered and unmetered. Fully configurable according to your wishes.

  • IaaS Solutions


    Make your IT infrastructure flexible. Connect cloud, cybersecurity, and backup services through our WEN platform. Deploy, connect, and scale IT resources easily based on our software-defined network.

  • DDoS Protection

    A DDoS attack can cripple your business for hours or days. We can offer you powerful DDoS protection with our DDoS Shield. Most innovative. Backed by our massive 10 Tbit/s high bandwidth network.

Our global network: 10 Tbit/s



55 %

Redundant Capacity

45 %

Utilized Network

… with gigantic capacity
Bandwidth consumers worldwide benefit from our network. Media companies, cloud service providers, and storage providers know where to find us. Why Israeldedicatedservers? Because of our security, ultra-low latency, and the gigantic amount of bandwidth with only 45% utilization. Our intelligent architecture also ensures flexible and highly redundant international network routes. This network meets every need in terms of network traffic, peak load, and growth ambitions.

More about our network

Our Dedicated Servers